Training and Education

EHS LifeFlight is committed to providing all members of the transport team with extensive initial and continuing education in the areas of clinical competency and safety. 

All dedicated medical teams are classified as critical care providers and function under an advanced scope of practice, some of which includes advanced airway management, central line insertion, chest tube insertion, and x-ray interpretation.  Both initial and continuing education is comprised of didactic and practical components (clinical exposure and simulation sessions) that focus on the skills and knowledge required for them to practice within their scope.

Critical Care Teams (CCT) are also required to complete numerous safety related courses throughout their initial and continuing education.  Some of these include winter survival training, hover exit training, helicopter underwater egress training, and Air Medical Resource Management (AMRM).

The extensive initial and ongoing education program ensures EHS LifeFlight meets two of their highest priorities, quality patient care and safety in the transport environment.