EHS LifeFlight Helicopter Flying Times

Transport of the patient to the closest hospital with the ability of handling a patient’s treatment from start to finish (definitive care).

Flight Times

Helicopter Landing Options

Daylight Hours:

  • Scene
  • Hospital helipads
  • Community helipads
  • Airports

Nighttime Hours:

  • Hospital helipads
  • Community helipads
  • Airports

Approved Pre-Designated Landing Zones

Benefits of Helipads

  • Shortened patient transfer times
  • Especially true if both sending and receiving hospitals have helipads
  • Most hospitals in Nova Scotia have helipads

Helipad Information

  • Hospitals: Hollow Circle Day/Night
  • Approved Helicopter Pad: White Cross
  • King Air 200 LZ Airport: Pink Circle
Helipad Info